How to take the elevator to be the most comfortable and safe?

As the high-rise buildings in the city rise from the ground up, high-speed elevators are becoming more and more popular. I often hear people say that taking a high-speed elevator will be dizzy and disgusting. So, how to ride a high-speed elevator to be the most comfortable and safe?

The speed of the passenger elevator is usually about 1 meter per second, and the speed of the high-speed elevator is faster than 1.9 meters per second. As the elevator rises or falls, the passengers suffer a large air pressure difference in a short time, so the eardrum is uncomfortable. Even transient deafness, people with high blood pressure and heart disease will feel dizzy. At this time, open mouth, massage the ear roots, chewing gum or even chewing, can adjust the ability of the eardrum to adapt to changes in the external pressure, and relieve the pressure of the eardrum.
In addition, when taking the elevator in peacetime, there are still some matters that need special attention: if the power supply is interrupted due to sudden causes, and the passenger is trapped in the car, this is the car often stops at the non-leveling position, passengers must not be nervous The elevator maintenance personnel should be notified to the rescue through the car alarm device or other feasible methods. Never try to open the car door or open the car roof safety window to escape.
Passengers should see if the elevator car stops at this floor before taking the ladder. Do not blindly enter, prevent the door from opening and the car is not in the floor and fall into the hoistway.
If the door is still closed after pressing the elevator button, you should wait patiently, don’t try to open the door lock, and don’t play in front of the floor to hit the door.
Don’t be too slow when you get in and out of the elevator. Don’t step on the floor and step on the car.
In a strong thunderstorm, there is no urgent matter. It is best not to take the elevator, because the elevator room is usually located at the highest point of the roof. If the lightning protection device is faulty, it is easy to attract lightning.
In addition, in the event of a fire in a high-rise building, do not take the elevator downstairs. People who carry flammable or explosive materials such as gas oil, alcohol, firecrackers, etc. should not take the elevator up and down the stairs.