Ten emerging technologies detonate the elevator industry!

Technology has changed the world, and the pioneers of the elevator industry have explored transformation in many fields. Technology can enhance the competitiveness and risk resistance of enterprises.

1. Artificial intelligence – the technological revolution in the IT field

The imagination of artificial intelligence is huge, and the trillion-scale market will be gradually opened. According to a report released by the Tuoba Industrial Research Institute, the market value of enterprise-based artificial intelligence systems in 2015 is close to 200 million US dollars, and will reach more than 2 billion US dollars by 2020, and the growth ratio will be 10 times in five years.

2, 3D printing – new digital manufacturing technology

The new digital manufacturing technology of 3D printing has formed a relatively complete technical system, and the application range has been continuously expanded, and the market scale has achieved rapid growth. 3D printing technology has a wide range of applications, from simple biscuit printing to complex mold printing, and it has great potential for development. A considerable number of domestic enterprises have already set foot in it.
The research institute’s forecast is that the global 3D printing market will reach 6 billion US dollars in 2017. In 2020, 3D printed products will account for 50% of the total production. 3D printing, a new type of manufacturing technology that is considered to be revolutionary, will inevitably become a new economic growth point that has been looting everywhere.

One point to point out is that the future of 3D printing is bright, but it is also a challenging road to innovation, such as designers need high imagination; the market supply chain will also be challenged, every step of the delivery cycle and design strategy must be perfect. The 3D printing market will inevitably become more personalized. How to use customization and local resources is also the key to the success of 3D printing… All challenges will be the focus of the 2016 3D printing industry.

3, cloud computing – the new core of manufacturing IT

In 2015, the international cloud computing industry developed rapidly, and the international IT giants Amazon, Microsoft, and Google’s cloud computing business grew rapidly. The demand for cloud computing in China is growing rapidly, and the performance of cloud computing services companies represented by Alibaba Cloud is growing rapidly. Many domestic elevator manufacturers have established contacts with cloud service providers to develop their own cloud computing and big data service platforms.

Some reports show that the cloud computing market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 22.8%, and is expected to reach $1275 billion in 2018, compared with $56.6 billion at the end of 2014, the largest of which is private. On the cloud ($26 billion).

The competition of future business will be the competition between data. Whoever can master more data can accurately describe the behavioral facial spectrum of consumers, who will be able to accurately predict the market. Under this theory, all cloud computing platforms They are all in a state of strength.

4, big data – the transition to a data power

The “Outline for Promoting Big Data Development” issued by the State Council, using big data to promote the development of various industries, making big data the key to opening up growth in various fields has become the center of exploration in the scientific and technological community. Later, at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, he proposed: try the network power strategy and implement the “Internet” action plan, develop the sharing economy, and implement the national big data strategy.

The problem solved by “cloud” is to eliminate information silos and data fusion. The problem solved by “computation” is to mine the value behind the data.

The installation service platform proposed by elevator companies relies on big data for calculation and analysis.

5, visual technology – the necessary weapon in the era of wisdom

With the “smart” era coming, smart manufacturing will become the direction of future development. In the intelligent manufacturing process, machine vision mainly uses computer to simulate human visual function. It has some functions of the human brain, that is, extracting information from the image of objective things, processing and understanding, and finally used for actual detection, measurement and control. . In the next few years, with the development of China’s processing and manufacturing industry, people’s demand for machine vision will gradually increase.

Industry analysis, with the development of machine vision, new industry applications may emerge in the future. A relatively large amount of industrial production may be in the logistics industry, especially involving 3D vision. Civil services may require more experience. The difficulty lies in the variability of the environment, the high redundancy of the algorithm, and the civilian application will mainly come from consumer products.

At present, the threshold of machine vision components is mainly reflected in software algorithms. At present, domestic enterprises have large gaps in processing speed and capability. At the same time, due to the late start of the industry, the shipments are small, and there is no advantage in hardware prices. This is the place to be broken in 2016 and in the future.

6, virtual reality – the new star in the scientific community

Virtual reality technology, also called VR technology, is the new darling of the technology industry. Some people think that it will be on the top of the geek hot search list in 2016. According to research institutes, by 2020, the global VR market will reach 150 billion US dollars. In the battle of intelligent hardware entry, virtual reality technology will be more eye-catching and usher in the booming of the entire market.

Virtual reality technology refers to a new form of human-computer interaction created by computer and advanced sensor technology, including simulation environment, multi-perceptual conduction, natural skills and other aspects, mostly used in games, tourism, sports, environmental protection and other fields. For example, in the field of games, users can experience thrilling horror games through VR technology, and watch the world’s haunted houses without leaving their homes. They can also compete with the stars they admire. Through virtual reality, you can also watch idols at home. concert.

It is predicted that in 2016, the B-end application classes, channel classes, and hardware device classes that combine virtual reality technology with specific scenario applications will be developed. In the long run, creating a complete ecological closed loop, layout content, platform and the entire industry chain will determine the future virtual reality market can finally detonate.

7, wireless communication – the world is connected to it

According to forecasts, by the year 2020, more than 50 billion devices will be networked in the world. Wireless connectivity, a key component of embedded applications, plays an important role in deploying millions of Internet of Things and is a key part of implementing IoT design. At present, we can already see wearable devices that combine wireless transmission technology, home automation, home security, personal health care, smart appliances, accessories and remote controls, automotive, lighting, industrial Internet and more.

Taking 5G as an example, people’s demand for ultra-high traffic density, ultra-high connection density and ultra-high mobility is increasing day by day. This requires mobile communication networks to accelerate to a higher level. Looking at the international communication industry, 5G has already Stepped into a substantial stage of development.

China’s footsteps in 5G have not yet fallen. China Telecom recently signed a cooperation plan with the Guangdong provincial government, which will take the lead in the trial and deployment of 5G mobile communication networks in Guangdong, and China Mobile’s lead 5G system architecture design has also won 48 companies worldwide. stand by. It can be seen that mobile Internet technology will become the key to “world connectivity.”

8, smart sensing – one end of the data production source

As an important equipment for intelligent manufacturing in the information age, sensors play an important role in science and technology, industrial and agricultural production and daily life. In order to implement “Made in China 2025” and realize smart manufacturing, we must pay close attention to the sensor market.

Under the trend of technology-led development, the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany and other countries have listed sensor technology as one of the key technologies for national key development. In recent years, the development of China’s sensor industry has also shown rapid growth. For example, in 2007, its production capacity reached 450 million, and the market demand reached 250 million. The data shows that the market for photosensors has good development prospects.

The Internet of Things is a catalyst for the rapid growth of sensors. In 2015, the overall market size of China’s Internet of Things reached 750 billion yuan, and sensors as one of the basic technologies of the Internet of Things directly benefited from it. The sensor is developing steadily under the growth of the scale of the Internet of Things market. In 2015, the market size of China’s sensors will reach 120 billion yuan.

9, fast charging technology – the key to “mobile” smart devices

There is an advertisement this year, we are familiar with it, “charge for 5 minutes, talk for two hours.” This sentence is about the role played by fast charging technology. In 2015, more and more mobile devices supporting fast charging technology, if a mobile phone does not support fast charging technology, I am embarrassed to say that I belong to this era of dreams.

The demand for fast charging is enhanced by the increase in mobile devices and the promotion of new energy equipment. Taking new energy vehicles as an example, charging is a major obstacle to the large-scale promotion of new energy vehicles. The charging pile infrastructure built throughout the country is far from meeting the charging requirements of new energy vehicles. At this time, fast charging has become a lifeline for new energy vehicles. Now some auto manufacturers have begun to develop and launch technologies that can complete electric vehicle charging in 5 minutes, which will inevitably bring revolutionary changes to the electric car ecosystem.

In the power outage state, the continuous cruise battery technology has been successfully developed and applied, and the rapid charging technology will overcome the possibility that the elevator will continue to work in the power-off state.

10, drones – industrial applications, civilian consumption simultaneously broke out

In 2015, the global drone market expanded rapidly, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently estimated that it will sell more than 1 million drones during the 2015 Christmas season. At the same time, as countries continue to loosen the relevant regulations for the application of drones, the future UAVs will continue to create huge economic benefits, including drone manufacturers, drone delivery service providers and chip makers. UAV market opportunities.

In the industrial field, the current application of drones in different segments of power, security, agriculture, forest fire prevention, and police use has steadily increased, and the overall stage is in the accumulation stage before the outbreak. At the same time, the fiery heat of the consumer drone market has increased the visibility of drones in different application fields, which has promoted the promotion of drones in the industrial market to a certain extent.

Although China’s industrial UAV manufacturing application is still in its infancy and demonstration stage, it has not yet formed a large-scale market. However, under the guidance of the national industrial development strategy and related promotion policies, China’s industrial-grade UAV manufacturing and market Applications will achieve significant growth in the coming years.

The aerial video of the elevator company is the first place for UAV shooting. Perhaps the future aerospace motorcycle will change the way people travel.

In today’s technologically advanced world, everything is possible, but some require more time to achieve “perfection.” The above ten emerging technologies are all emerging technologies of “Little Lotus is the sharp tip”, and they will be “bloomed” again in 2016 and even in the future.