Elevator companies and big tree theory

China’s elevator companies have grown rapidly from more than a dozen elevator companies in the 1970s to more than 600 elevator companies, and China has become the world’s largest producer and seller. However, the gap between our elevator companies and foreign-funded enterprises is still very large. Why? To this end, the author from the big tree theory to do a connection with the development of our elevator enterprises to think.

1. Be the first condition of a big tree: time!
No big tree is a seedling, and it will become a big tree immediately. It must be the age of the year and the circle of the circle.
Revelation: Give yourself time! Time is the accumulation of experience! We have accumulated a lot of time. The shortcoming is that some new enterprises want to become big enterprises overnight, and the old enterprises have not objectively summed up the pains of the past storms in the wind and rain of the annual rings.
2. The second condition to become a big tree: not moving!
There is no big tree, the first year is planted here, the second year is planted there, and it can become a big tree. It must be weathered, stormy, and standing for thousands of years! It is the countless times of the wind and frost, the rain and the dew finally make a big tree!
Revelation: To “follow the wind and frost, rain and dew without regret”! It is the firm confidence and firm will to grow up, standing upright in the wind and rain, which requires us to adapt to the storms, such as how to ensure survival and growth when the market declines.
3. Be the third condition of a big tree: the foundation!
The tree has millions of roots, thick roots, fine roots, and micro-roots. It goes deep into the bottom, and it is busy to absorb nutrients and grow up. There is absolutely no big tree, no root!
Revelation: Keep learning! Constantly enrich yourself, build your own roots, and your career will be evergreen! The foundation of growth is the nutrition needed to absorb growth. The bigger the tree, the deeper and wider the foundation. When elevator enterprises reach a certain scale, they need more new technologies as the foundation for development, instead of plagiarizing and copying them all the time. Otherwise, they will be unstable and will not be preserved if they encounter wind and rain.
4. The fourth condition to become a big tree: long up!
There is no big tree that grows to the side only, and the fat does not grow taller; it must be the first long trunk and then the long branches, always long!
Revelation: Go up! There will be more room for continuous improvement! The space for enterprise growth is to have talents and advanced thinking. With advanced thinking talents, enterprises may have more space. The pioneers are the seedlings of the trees, ensuring that they grow up to a certain extent, but when you are nutrition When it is impossible to supply space development, it is necessary to introduce advanced thinking talents in order to allow this enterprise to have room for growth.
5. Be the fifth condition of a big tree: to the sun!
No big tree grows into a black hole. Actively growing to the light is the hope of the big tree, just to get more light! The goal in the heart of the tree is to actively look for the sun! Sunshine is the hope of the big tree. The big tree is facing the light and facing success. The big tree will never grow to the potholes and grow to the darkness. The big tree realizes that we must win more light for ourselves!
Revelation: The main leaders of the company must be bright! All setbacks are growing! The sun also includes the network of the company, the positive sunshine of the employees, and the sunshine culture of the company. If the company does not adopt the development culture of the sun, then the company cannot survive better. Absorbing sunlight is also the driving force for the company’s metabolism. Sunlight can enable enterprises to generate new oxygen and attract more phoenix habitats. The general idea of ​​the big tree theory is that the development of the enterprise must have a foundation, an external environment and an internal foundation, absorption of new nutrition and the necessary time to develop itself.